RITUALS The Perfume Genie Quick App for HC3

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RITUALS The Perfume Genie Quick App for HC3

How wonderful is it to be able to create a personal atmosphere at home that your whole family feels comfortable in.

You can use home fragrances to enrich the atmosphere at home to achieve a personal atmosphere, but these aren’t smart and this blog is about smart homes. Therefore I created an integration between the FIBARO Home Center 3 and The Perfume Genie from RITUALS.


Home fragrances smell great and soothe your mind, but an aroma diffuser not only ensures that your house gets a nice scent, it also increases the humidity, provides relaxation and is good for your immune system.

Children and animals have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. Keep this in mind using the strength slider on the The Perfume Genie.

Integrating the RITUALS Perfume Genie with your HC3 gives you the possibility to create relaxing scenes that give you a very luxury calm feeling. For example you can:

  1. Automatically play Lo-fi tunes on your Sonos system;
  2. Reduce stress by automatically set calming colors on your RGB or Philips Hue lights;
  3. Set the strenght of The Perfume Genie based on weekdays or weekends;
  4. Integrate The Perfume Genie on and off state with your bedtime and home presence;

How do you install The Perfume Genie Quick App on your HC3

  1. Start your favorite browser and open your Home Center 3 dashboard by typing the correct URL for your HC3;
  2. Go to Settings and Devices;
  3. Click the blue + icon to add a new device;
  4. In the Add Device dialog click on Other Device;
  5. Choose Upload File and upload the .fqa file downloaded from the FIBARO Marketplace;
  6. Expand the new The Perfume Genie device;
  7. Select the Variables tab,
  8. Fill in the userId and userPassword fields with the credentials you use to login the RITUALS app on your phone;
  9. If you press the blue Save button the Quick App will be initialised.

If you use The Perfume Genie in your HC3 scenes, then I recommend disabling the time schedules in the RITUALS app to avoid conflicts! 💡

How to create an HC3 scene to play music on your Sonos and use the RITUALS Perfume Genie

If you use my Sonos Group Controller Quick App to control your Sonos speakers you can use an easy block scene to automatically play your favorite Lo-Fi playlist and create a relaxing atmosphere with The Perfume Genie:


  1. Add your Lo-fi playlist to your Sonos favorites with the official Sonos App on your phone;
  2. Select one of the first 4 favorites in the list in a block scene.;
  3. Set the strength of The Perfume Genie;
  4. Turn The Perfume Genie on.

With a Lua scene you can play all the favorites from My Sonos by using their name and the volume at which you want the music to play. The above block scene example in Lua looks like:

hub.call(sonosQaId, "playFavorite", "Lofi Flow State", "15")
hub.call(*genieQaId*, 'setValue', 33)
hub.call(*genieQaId*, 'turnOn')

As you see you can choose every favorite by name when you use a Lua scene.

In this example the variable sonosQaId and genieQaId are the id’s of your Sonos Group Controller and The Perfume Genie Quick App and the volume is set to 15.

Reduce stress by adding a colored light to your Lua scene

Several studies have shown that some colors have a calming effect on your body. The following 4 colors are know for the best calming effect:

  1. Blue light enhances performance when you need to get work done;
  2. Red light has the longest wavelength of the rainbow’s colors and your your eyes are less sensitive to higher-wavelength light. So your body doesn’t respond as much to red light and causes a calming effect;
  3. Pink, or Baker-Miller pink, better known as Barbie Pink is commonly used in hospitals, institutions, and jail drunk tanks to calm people;
  4. Green light may promote sleep and has a potential calming effects in hospitals.

rituals3.png Photo by Ben Blennerhassett on Unsplash

With this in mind you can make your home atmosphere scene more advanced by adding ambiance with a calming light by controlling your FIBARO RGB controller or Philips Hue lights.

To control a FIBARO RGB controller from a Lua scene you can use the following code:

hub(lightId, "setColor", 255, 51, 0 ,0) -- #ff3300 (red/orange)

The RITUALS Perfume Genie Quick App download

With the possibility to control the RITUALS Perfume Genie with your FIBARO Home Center 3 you now can configure advanced scenes for spreading a wonderful scent in your home to relax after a busy day at work. You can download my Quick App from the FIBARO Marketplace.

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