Windows 10 Fibaro Home Center 2 and 3 app

Control your Fibaro Home Center 2 or 3 with Windows 10

Control your Fibaro Home Center 2 or 3 with Windows 10

Initial: November 5, 2020
Update: November 14, 2020
Update: May 6, 2021
Applies to: Fibaro Home Center 2, Fibaro Home Center 3, Windows 10

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While working from home for eight months now I wanted to toggle a light or run a scene from my Windows 10 laptop. After some Googling I didn’t find an (free) application so I decided to dust off my some C# knowledge from around 2000 and create a Windows tray application myself.


Run a scene or toggle a light on/off from the Windows 10 system tray.

What my application does

The program loads your configured rooms, devices and scenes from your HC2/HC3/HC3 and puts them in a menu in the system tray. Now you can run a scene or toggle a light switch without reaching for a wall switch or your phone. Neat huh!

Quick download

You can download the latest release from the releases page.

Just select the Fibaro.Control.exe file from the assets if you just want to use the program.



💡 Note: There is no setup. Just download and copy the Fibaro Control.exe file to C:\Program Files\.

Start the Fibaro Control.exe program and log in to your Fibaro HC2/HC3:

Login Screen

The login data is automatically encrypted and saved to the Windows registry hive:


Run a scene

  • Right click the HC2/HC3 icon in the system tray and go to the scenes menu.
  • Click on a scene to activate it.

Run a Scene

Toggle a light on/off

  • Right click the HC2/HC3 icon in the system tray and go to the room menu where the light is located.
  • Click on a light source to turn it on or off.

Toggle a Light

Reload scenes and lights

  • Right click the Home Center icon in the system tray and click settings.
  • Click the reload button.

Future roadmap

The following functions I may add in the future:

  • Toggle (Fibaro) Wall Plug that is configured as a switch.
  • Add an option to read the Unifi Controller to determine your Windows 10 device location in the office/house and show only the rooms in that location.


This Home Center control program for Windows 10 is my personal project written in C#. I am not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Fibar Group S.A.